Welcome to McGinty-Gordon & Associates

Welcome to McGinty-Gordon & Associates


Still the Oldest - Still the Largest &

Still the BEST!

McGinty-Gordon & Associates has been in business for over 70 years!  We provide reliable insurance options for Insureds all over the United States. As a result of subsequent growth and mergers, MGA is the largest insurance agency in Southeast Georgia. We participate with numerous national insurance carriers, which enables us to compare insurance options, pricing and value to ensure customers receive the most Broad insurance coverage possible.

Whether you are looking for industry specific liability insurance for your dental practice or day care, homeowners insurance for your new home, rental insurance for your condo at the beach, or life insurance to protect your family from the unexpected, rest assured the insurance professionals at McGinty-Gordon & Associates have you covered. MGA also insures over 80 condominium associations in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina and has expertise in placing coverage for this type of risk.

MGA’s Exclusive Homeowner and Flood Programs for Coastal Properties

As traditional insurers began to severely restrict their willingness to accept new homeowners insurance on coastal islands, MGA recognized the need to provide a homeowner insurance program for coastal homes that included affordable pricing and standard coverage terms. In 1999, MGA developed a proprietary homeowner and condominium unit owner insurance program with Lloyd’s of London. The program was expanded several years later to include commercial property and now has a 20 year track record of providing quality coverage at competitive rates to property owners in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. Policies are underwritten, rated and issued in our office. MGA is proud to be one of the very few retail insurance agents in the U.S. with an underwriting authority at Lloyd’s of London. 

MGA also negotiated an additional program with Lloyd’s to provide flood insurance for homeowners and commercial property owners that is competitive with National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for some properties, and to provide limits of flood coverage above the maximum available from NFIP.